Elope at Tom's Thumb
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Monday, May 11, 2020
By Wild Romance
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Believe it or not, it is possible to have an adventure style elopement with a Joshua Tree vibe without traveling outside of Scottsdale, Arizona!  Trust me, it IS possible. Our hike was less than a mile out and back on a spring day at sunset time, on flat terrain.  It was a very enjoyable experience; the gorgeous scenery, weather and sense of adventure added magic to an already perfect time for these lovers as their moment came to say their I do's and pledge their love to each other forever. The fact they didn't have to leave their hometown of Scottsdale made it all the better. 


The wedding gown Jennifer wore was Coraline from Avancy Bridal and looked absolutely romantic and graceful. This dress is truly amazing, and you will both look and feel like a princess in it.  You can find Avancy here https://avancybridal.com/

Anthony wore his favorite black suit. Check these two out. They are just so perfect together!  



After we got to the spot they picked out for the elopement ceremony we took a few photos and when the time was right the two read their vows, said I DO and sealed it all with a kiss.  It was all so very relaxed and fun, truly everything they had hoped for.  

Then it was time for more pictures before the two would go off on their own to celebrate their love without us tagging along.  This elopement was planned to be quick and simple.   Tom's Thumb has so many options for other scenic spots with spectacular overlooks and boulders, along with more hiking/adventure involved if you are up for it!  For Anthony and Jen we were looking for something effortless, with a twist of romantic adventure.    

We handled every detail of this elopement for Anthony and Jen and would love to assist you with your elopement.  If you have had to reschedule your wedding due to Covid 19 we are offering a special discount through the end of 2020, please reach out because we want to help you!  

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