Sanctuary Resort Christmas Wedding
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Saturday, January 13, 2018
By Carmichael Studios
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We were so pleased to be a part of Ashley and Annie's Christmas Day wedding at the Sanctuary Resort and Spa!  


Ashley and Annie met through a childhood friend five years ago. They had gone to college together and all had known each other 30 years. Being new to Phoenix, Ashley and Annie became reacquainted as friends. It didn’t take long to become attached to each other and realize how lucky they were to have a second chance!


They got married on Christmas Day 2017.  We got their call the week before and it just so happened to be scheduled after our Christmas festivities would have come to an end.  Annie was so sweet and laid back about everything I knew their wedding would be a fun experience for Michael and I, and why not spend time doing what we love to do on Christmas Day?  It was truly a beautiful way to close out our 2017 wedding season.


Besides the minister and ourselves, their children were the only others present.  Ashley's two adult boys and Annie's two adult girls were there to share in the joy of a Christmas wedding.  It was intimate, elegant and fun! Of course, with Praying Monk as the backdrop, we had a gorgeous scene.  It was a perfect day for a celebration of love, marriage and family.   

Christmas Day Wedding at the Sanctuary

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