About Us

Hi, I’m Carla.

I love to capture gorgeous images that tells your story of adventure, beauty and love.  I am an adventurer and storyteller.  

I am also a wife, mom, hiker, and nature lover. I have been passionate about photography since I was about seven. My parents used to drive me to the beach so that I could watch the sunset and photograph it whenever I could talk them into it. I still love to go to the beach whenever I can to feel connected to myself, to play & to capture these moments artistically.

I currently have three teenagers at home. Becoming a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. My kids give me a reason to be the “best me” I can be, and continue to inspire me every day of my life. I am blessed they call me mom, and being their mom will always be my greatest accomplishment. My photography business allows me to spend a great deal of my time working from home where I can schedule each day around my family. Time with my family will always be my favorite.

When I am not with my family or practicing the art of photography, I am working toward my goal of becoming a better me. I spend my leisure time doing the things that I love like hiking, camping, exploring, reading, writing, and I'm finally learning yoga! 

Although I am based out of Scottsdale, I absolutely love travel and adventure and will happily travel internationally to capture your wedding! In 2017 we are crossing off a bucket list item, a castle wedding in Scotland!  Oh, and there is a gorgeous church made only of living trees in New Zealand! (#bucketlist)

I would love to hike to your perfect spot for our photos, or take them in a kayak along a mountain lake. If there is an adventure involved, I am your gal. I am inspired by nature and am at my most creative while exploring the great outdoors. 

I would absolutely love to chat with you in person. You can contact me here, or call/text me at 602.829.9803

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