Sunrise Session at Lost Dutchman
Monday, June 11, 2018
By Carmichael Studios
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This is the sweetest story in Krystin's words!


We met in February of 2016. I walked into a local vitamin store right before closing, desperate for a natural way to help with my test anxiety during midterms. When I opened the door I saw Sean, (a Greek god is how I would describe it) working at the cash register and was immediately embarrassed and fled to the nearest corner to plan my escape. I went back each month for 6 months after that until he asked me on our first date. Long story short, on our date we went kayaking at Saguaro Lake. Well, the kayak rental place didn’t properly remove all the plugs necessary to equalize the air pressure underneath which we learned is very important. We paddled out to the middle of the lake to soon realize the water at our feet wasn’t from our paddles and tipped over, losing all of our belongings. We had to swim our best back to shore while pulling the expensive, sinking kayak with us. A year and a half later we are engaged and excited to spend our lives together, no matter what life throws at us!


Congratulations Krystin and Sean on your engagement.  We look forward to capturing more moments with you on your wedding day.

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