Why You Should Consider A First Look
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Saturday, July 13, 2019
By Carmichael Studios
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Many times when planning wedding day photography with my couples I am asked about a first look.  Sometimes I bring it up myself, but I have to say for the most part the topic comes up first from the brides who have talked to their friends and family about it before our meeting.  It is always discussed in the planning of the wedding timeline, and for good reason!  So many things have changed about planning your wedding, and wedding traditions are no longer something that must be followed for certain couples.  This is an important option that couples have and I would estimate that close to half of our ours are going for it.  

A first look takes place when a couple decides to see each other after they are dressed and ready for the ceremony to share a tender moment together alone (with the exception of the photographer). They get to share their surprise and delight in this mostly private setting rather in front of their wedding guests while walking down the aisle. The one consistent thing I have noticed with first looks is the freedom of emotional expression. Our brides and grooms seem more free to express their emotions toward each other when they don't have a large group of people present with them. Also, they are given more than just a moment when they see each other with a first look, without having to move on to the next part of their wedding ceremony just yet.  They have time to hold each other and stop time to be together on this very busy and sometimes hectic day.  These moments are often times the most private they will share until their wedding day schedule has ended.

I think it best at this point to show an example.  Billy and Rachel decided to do a first look when they got married in Cabo San Lucas.  Here is a one minute clip that shows the first look from right before it occurred, to right after.  We captured their first look with both video and stills and this example contains a mixture of both.  Their first look takes place at El Faro Viejo, a historic lighthouse in Cabo San Lucas, accessed through Quivira Golf Club, a private golf course and club.

First Look

First Look at El Faro Viejo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We asked our bride, Rachel, to share why they decided to choose a first look, why they chose the historic lighthouse and whether they would recommend it to others.

 "We decided to do the first look because it’s a special and intimate moment just like how are wedding was. We wanted to keep it that close and romantic feeling that came with our wedding experience. We think it went perfectly as when we saw each other for the first time, that special moment was complete. We were ready to take that trip down the aisle together. We picked this location because it was a beautiful, historic lighthouse on top of a cliff. It was the scene we wanted as this lighthouse has been through struggles and it is still standing after all these years. This is exactly the definition of having a long lasting marriage so we knew this was the location to have our once in a lifetime moment. We would definitely recommend it if you want your wedding to be small, and intimate with your close friends and families. It added that touch of excitement and readiness to walk down that aisle together. The joy we felt when we first saw each other for the first time, was a feeling like no other. Our smiles never ceased and we knew this was exactly how it’s supposed to be."

After these beautiful moments together, we took some time for some posed shots along the most scenic areas of Quivra Golf Club, a private golf club which surrounds the light house.  It was a great opportunity to get some shots we would not be able to get after the ceremony.


In case we have left you curious about the rest of their wedding day, here is a highlight that includes their beautiful ceremony and champagne reception at Pedregal Beach.

First Look + Ceremony

First Look at El Faro Viejo, posed photos at Quivira Golf Club and Ceremony/Champagne Reception at Pedregal Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

From our perspective, we really love to be a part of first looks because it is an opportunity to capture this beautiful and candid moment.  As you can see, the moment that we capture (either through still images and/or video clips) is filled with wonder, romance, excitement and joy, all things we are thrilled to capture on the wedding day.  It also eases the pressure of getting all the couple shots done after the ceremony, usually during cocktail hour.  With Billy and Rachel, we were able to drive through the beautiful golf club (on a golf cart) and stop for some scenic shots before their wedding ceremony, which added something more to their wedding day photography.  Family formals and wedding party shots can also be planned before the ceremony in some cases, depending on your needs/schedule.  When scenic outdoor photos are the preference, it gives us less of a rush to get those photos in before sundown, and it gives the couple more time to enjoy their wedding reception instead of using this time for photography. 

However, it is clear to us that first looks are not for everyone.  As a couple if you have a strong feeling about the tradition of seeing each other for the first time while walking down the aisle, a first look is probably not for you.  And we love to capture those beautiful moments just as well!  There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding day, and this personal choice is completely up to you.  If you have any questions about a first look or anything else about your wedding day photography, contact us here.  We'd be glad to help!


Planning, coordination and concept: Vivid Occasions  https://www.vividoccasions.com/ / Minister: Marco Arechiga  https://www.ministermarco.com/   / Flowers and décor: Let it Bloom  http://letitbeevents.com/ / Hair and makeup: Los Cabos Makeup by Olga Bustos  https://loscabosmakeup.com/ / Photography and Video: Carmichael Studios http://www.carmichaelstudios.com/

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